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4 December 2016 - Iran emphasized on the role of NGOs and Civic Society in drug control

Dr. Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, Minister of Interior, addressing the audience Dr. Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, Minister of Interior, addressing the audience

The Iranian Ministry of Interior and Drug Control Headquarters held a national conference on drug control with emphasis on the Non-Government Organisations and Civic Society and media in Tehran on 4 December 2016.

UNODC Iran and members of international community were invited to join the Iranian counterparts from government and non-government sectors in the event. A number of famous cinema stars, singers, and athletes were invited to the events.

Minister of Interior Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli and First Deputy of President Ishaq Jahangiri attended the event and addressed the audience on challenges of drug abuse and role of the NGOs and CSOs in the society.

Minister Fazli underlined the pivotal role that UNODC as the main international body plays in cooperating with Iran on drugs and crime related drug challenges. The main achievements of Drug Control Headquarters in closely cooperating with the civic organisations on drug prevention and abuse and HIV care was highlighted by the Minister. Minster Fazli also addressed international community in meeting their obligations in cooperating with Iran in preventing the trafficking of opiates that originates from Afghanistan and reaches the European states through the Balkan route. Minister Fazli raised concern about high number of drug related prisoners in the country. He reiterated that 50% of total prison populations in Iran are drug trafficking and drug abuse prisoners; while 60% of robberies and 50% of divorce rate have direct links to drug business and drug use. Minister Fazli further underline the positive aspects of harm reduction indicating that both drug supply and drug demand reduction efforts are directly influenced by harm reduction measures.

Mr. Fazli asked the media and all walks of life to come together and collaborate against the menace of the drug and drug use in the society.

Vice president Jahangiri emphasized on the role of the family in early prevention of drug use among the youth. He referred to a number of serious threats faced by the public including poverty, high number of divorce rate, and financial corruption that have direct and in-direct effects on the rising trends of drug abuse in the society. Mr.Jahangiri called for the national NGOs and community-based organization to work closely with government institutions in order to take more strong steps against on drug prevention and control.

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