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28 Feb 2018 - UNODC Supported a five-day training course for Anti-Narcotics Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Closing and certification ceremony with the presence of Chief Commander of Anti-Narcotics Police of Iran Closing and certification ceremony with the presence of Chief Commander of Anti-Narcotics Police of Iran

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in the Islamic Republic of Iran in cooperation with the Central Directorate for Antidrug Services of the Republic of Italy has completed a five-day training course on "Surveillance Techniques" for the special units of the Anti‐Narcotics Police (ANP) of the Islamic Republic of Iran from 17-21 February 2018.

The training aimed to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of the Iranian Anti‐Narcotics Police Officers and brought together twenty-nine (29) officers from various provinces of Iran who were trained by a team of experts from UNODC and Italy. 

Iran remains as one of the major transit route for drug trafficking from Afghanistan to European countries. UNODC has built a strong partnership with the Government of Iran in several areas including the capacity building for the Iranian law enforcements and has been providing technical assistant to the Iranian Government in their fight against illicit trafficking of drugs and precursors.   

This training highly contributed to increasing the knowledge of Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police and introduced them to the high international standards of police skills that is currently being utilized by European police for tracking criminal groups. The participants of this training course developed knowledge which will be useful in their daily work and will support them in better fighting against drug criminal groups and dismantling of organized crime networks.  

Participating in the closing and certification ceremony the Chief Commander of Anti‐Narcotics Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brigadier General Zahedian, expressed his appreciation to UNODC Iran for organization of this event and reiterated Anti-Narcotics Police readiness for prospective complementary events to be organized in the future.

 The event was organized as part of the activities foreseen in the framework of the Sup-programme 1 "Border Management and Illicit Trafficking" of UNODC Country Partnership Programme (2015-2019) for the Islamic Republic of Iran through the generous donation of the Government of Japan.

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