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24 Oct 2018 - UNODC Iran joined Drugs and HIV Prevention Festival at the South Tehran Azad University

24 Oct 2018 - UNODC Iran joined Drugs and HIV Prevention Festival at the South Tehran Azad University

UNODC Iran joined the “Drug Abuse and Behavioural Disorders Research Centre” of the Islamic Azad University in Eslamshahr during the third day of the event on Drugs and HIV Prevention Festival. The event took place in the Islamic Azad University campus in South of Tehran with participation of hundreds of government authorities, professors and students from 20-22 October 2018. The festival attracted hundreds of young students who participated at various “sports against drugs” events.

UNODC Iran staff joined the students and organizers in their sport events which turned to be extremely refreshing and fun practice for all the participants.  The event aimed and succeeded in providing university students with latest information on healthy life styles, drugs and HIV.

The event offered open information on handling the matters related to drugs, drug use, HIV.  Several booths with participation of various NGOs provided information brochure, books and guidelines to the visitors around the campus. 

The Health Office in the Eslamshahr township had provided two mini-buses with trained staff for providing referrals with possibilities of on-the-site testing “HIV testing busses for women and men”. UNODC Iran was informed that several hundreds of students visited the event and over two hundred students took part in confidential HIV rapid test exercise.

Dr Hajirasouli, Head of the Drug Abuse and Behavioural Disorders Research Centre at the Azad University and organiser of the festival regarded the event as a successful step in bringing together the community, students and professors to openly talk and exchange on challenges of drug use and HIV. Moreover, the students had the chance to listen to recovered drug users who openly talked about their experiences as drug users and drug recovery steps. 


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