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1 October 2018 - Iran celebrates World Habitat Day 2018

UN-Habitat Tehran celebrated World Habitat Day 2018 with the theme "Urban Solid Waste Management", in collaboration with Environment Management and Sustainable Development Center, Waste Management Organization, Tehran Research and Planning Center, Communication and International Affairs Center Tehran Municipality, as well as Urban Regeneration Company of Iran.

Mr. Hoshang Ashayeri, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Managing Director of Urban Regeneration Company of Iran, Mr. Reza Abdoli, Managing Director of Tehran Municipality Solid Waste Management Organization, and Mr. Siamak Moghaddam, Chief of UN-Habitat Tehran Office spoke at the opening ceremony and Mr. Sadra Alipour, Head of Environment Management and Sustainable Development Center gave the welcome speech.

Explaining the challenges of waste management in the new and old neighborhoods of Tehran, Mr Ashayeri emphasized the need for integrated urban management with waste management institutions, urban regeneration actors and citizens' to achieve sustainable cities. He also highlighted the role of waste management in creating employment for low income groups, and emphasized the role of people's participation in urban regeneration, especially in creating, maintaining and exploiting open spaces in green urban environments.

Mr. Reza Abdoli, referred to the daily production of about 9,000 tons of waste in Tehran Metropolis. He added that nearly 30 percent of this figure is composed of solid waste. Currently waste sorting is carried out both at the origin and destination at Aradkouh Processing and Disposal Complex, where Solid waste is sorted for recycling and reuse.

He added: "Non-solid waste is used to produce compost, while rejected residues are used in incinerator powerplants. " There are also preliminary studies conducted for construction of a second waste incineration system in Tehran; and we are working to make this project operational in the near future”.

Mr. Siamak Moghaddam presented the World Habitat Day explaning the global increase and the accompanied risks and challenges in municipal solid waste management. He spoke on the key messages of Habitat to local authorities and civil society, and introduced some best practices on solid urban waste management in other countries.

During this ceremony a specialized panel discussion was held with participation presentation of Mr. Mohammad Ali Abdoli, Faculty Member of the University of Tehran,  Ms. Mahdieh Pourshad, Director of the Human and Sustainable Environment Association and Mr. Reza Naghavi of the Waste Management Organization of Tehran Municipality.

This ceremony was also attended by the Representatives of the UNICEF, WFP, FAO and UNAIDS in Iran, Mayors of 22 districts of Tehran Metroplois, and cities of Noor, Mahmoudabad and Ramsar. Environmental specialists and managers, Waste departments managers and other related professionals and specialists also attended this ceremony.

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مهر 97 - نماینده کشوری دفتر مقابله با موادمخدر و جرم سازمان ملل متحد از نمایشگاه آی.پی.ای.اس 2018 بازدید و با مدیرکل اینترپل تهران ملاقات نمود

آقای الکساندر فدولوف، نماینده کشوری دفتر مقابله با موادمخدر و جرم سازمان ملل متحد در مراسم افتتاحیه هفدهمین نمایشگاه بین­المللی لوازم و تجهیزات پلیسی، امنیتی و ایمنی شرکت کرد. این نمایشگاه با سخنرانی سردار سرتیپ حسین اشتری، فرمانده نیروی انتظامی جمهوری اسلامی ایران به طور رسمی افتتاح شد. در مراسم افتتاحیه و در حالیکه ایشان خطاب به  فرماندهان پلیس، مقامات عالی رتبه کشوری، نمایندگان و وابستگان نظامی نمایندگی­های دیپلماتیک سخن می­گفتند، دستاوردهای ملی نیروی انتظامی در زمینه طرح های توسعه­ای، عملیات موفق و همکاری­های بین­المللی موثر و همچنین ساخت و تولید ماشین آلات، تجهیزات، ابزار و ادوات را بر شمردند. ایشان بر ضرورت اتخاذ سیاستهای جدید و تدابیر عملیاتی نوین نسبت به جرایم نوظهور در حوزه­های مبارزه با قاچاق موادمخدر، مدیریت مرزها، مبارزه با جرایم سازمان یافته فراملی، تروریسم و جرایم سایبری تاکید نمودند.

در حاشیه جلسه اصلی، سردار سرتیپ هادی شیرزاد، مدیرکل اینترپل تهران و آقای الکساندر فدولوف ملاقات و در خصوص مشارکت فعال طرفین و همکاری­های بین­المللی در مبارزه با جرایم گفتگو نمودند. نماینده کشوری دفتر مقابله با موادمخدر و جرم سازمان ملل متحد در جمهوری اسلامی ایران از هفدهمین نمایشگاه بین المللی لوازم و تجهیزات پلیسی، امنیتی و ایمنی بازدید نمود و با طرح های ملی و پروژه­های تولید تجهیزات پلیسی، ابرازها و وسایل آشنا گردید.


1 October 2018 - UNODC Country Representative visited the IPAS 2018 and met Director General of Interpol Tehran

UNODC Iran Country Representative, Mr. Alexander Fedulov, attended the opening ceremony of the 17th International Police, Security and Safety Equipment Exhibition (IPAS). The exhibition was launched officially by the statement of Chief Commander of Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari.

Representatives from board of Police commanders, senior governmental authorities, representatives and military attaches of diplomatic missions in Tehran attended the meeting. In his opening remarks, Brigadier Ashtari outlined key achievements of national police forces in terms of progressive plans, successful operations and fruitful international collaborations as well as manufacturing police equipment, tools, devices and machinery. He referred to the crucial need to adopt new policies and adapt operational measures against emerging crimes in the fields of illicit trafficking of drugs, border management, combating transnational organized crimes, terrorism and cybercrimes.

On the margins of the main event, Director General of Interpol Tehran, Brigadier General Hadi Shirzad, and Mr. Alexander Fedulov met and discussed their active partnership and international cooperation in combating criminal matters. UNODC Iran Country Representative visited the IPAS 2018 exhibition and became familiarized with national plans and manufacturing projects of police equipment, tools and devices.

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